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We are a family owned business that provides top grade cedar, fine Palapas and Furniture, and the best customer service you will find! We are very passionate about our customers and supplying excellent Palapas/Tiki Huts.

Palapas Texas makes custom palapas, umbrellas, tiki huts, shade structures, bars/kitchens, and furniture from the highest quality Cedar. We can build any size and custom to suit your needs. A Palapa is a perfect choice for shading pool decks, BBQ’s, Spa’s, backyard living areas and so much more. The thatch roofs of the tiki hut are wind and rain resistant and allow hot air to escape yielding a nice cool and relaxing space. At Palapas Texas we pride ourselves on providing the greatest quality of Cedar and Palm leaves to build your paradise along with the best price, guaranteed!

Residential or Commercial, we build the finest Palapa, Tiki Huts in Texas. We have helped restaurants build their own tropical atmosphere that customers love, as well as convert many backyards into the utmost tropical paradise. These Tiki Huts are a great gathering spot to come relax and entertain family and friends!


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